Thirty-three students and two chaperons from Jonesport-Beals High School helped over 300 cyclists during their journey around Maine. Bike Maine is a group of people who ride their bikes on tours around the state and who recently toured the Bold Coast. The riders started at Schoodic Point, biked to Jonesport-Beals, and left Jonesport to go to Machias! The students involved received community service hours, and the school received a financial contribution from the organization. The location of the Jonesport event was on the Kelly Point Road. A huge thank you the Degenheart’s for letting the Bike Maine crew and the JBHS helpers set up and stay there for that night! The outcome of the event was great. The weather on the setup day was awful, but the next day was beautiful for picking up and putting away the tents.

By J-Lynn Beal, The Royal Print Staff