Do you know what it is like to work in a shop with wood, or go outside and work on a building and do roof work? Have you ever gone to a lake and learned life survival skills, or done a project that you never thought you could do?  JBHS students enrolled in a Project Learning course have that chance and many more. Mr. Randy Grant, the instructor of Project Learning, says that the class is more than just “shop” due to the fact that students do more outside of the classroom. Project Learning is an elective class in which students use their hands to make different items. Mr. Grant said that this year Project Learning students will be able to do outside actives, welding, wood working, and other things that the student base is interested in. Currently, the students are learning how to set a goal and how to use tools, and are finding ways to help the school and community. Anyone who is interested in Project Learning and is attending JBHS can be in the class.

By J-Lynn Beal and Luke Wilson, The Royal Print Staff