In the first quarter, Mrs. Pam Smith’s Entrepreneurship: We Mean Business class was filled with enthusiastic students. The class included Rana Turchi, Lydia Alley, Reed Willette, Keegan Ireland, Lexi Kelly, Austin Grant, Alexsis Sprowl, Maddie Thistlewood, and more. In their short time together this year, they have accomplised a lot. In continuing a project from last year, they made a profit of $76 making catnip bags and dog treats (which they referred to as “Kat & KaPoodle Pet Products”). For the Veteran’s Day program, the students cooked and served a delicious breakfast for all the veterans in attendance, a gesture which was greatly appreciated. Their latest project has been mini-fruit bars, made with fillings of berries, applesauce, and other things you’d expect in a cooked granola bar. They’ve also learned how to sew.

So, what is the point of it all? “This class is all about teaching new things that you didn’t think you could do,” says Mrs. Smith. “It’s great to see how the kids’ confidence builds over time. It’s really enjoyable.”

By Douglas Hinkley and J-Lynn Beal, The Royal Print Staff