Jonesport-Beals High School held class elections for the 2017-2018 school year on Friday, September 15. The results are as follows:


President- Ivy Robinson

Vice President- Rana Turchi

Secretary- Skyy Tenney

Treasurer- Austin Grant

Student Council (Female)- Jordyn Alley

Student Council (Male)- Joe Guptill


President- Judson Carver

Vice President- Reed Willette

Secretary- Alexsis Sprowl

Treasurer- Kendrik Alley

Student Council (Female)- Alexis Merchant

Student Council (Male)- Evan Merchant


President- Ryan Alley

Vice President- Tyler Alley

Secretary- Kaylee Ireland

Treasurer- Adam Robinson

Student Council (Female)- Caitlin Childers

Student Council (Male)- Brady Reynolds


President- Bayleigh Alley

Vice President- Zach Vincent

Secretary- Skyla Libby

Treasurer- Kiley Alley

Student Council (Female)- Shekara Leighton

Student Council (Male)- Jacob Alley


By Stephen Cirone, The Royal Print Staff