On October 31st, Mr. Campbell and Ivy Robinson organized an afternoon volleyball tournament for fun. This tournament started after lunch and lasted until about ten minutes after 2:30. The teams were as follows:

The Winning Team: Luke’s Lucky Team

J-Lynn Beal(SR), Rachel Phillips(SR), Luke Wilson(SR), and adults Mr. Dan Campbell, Mr. Tony Beal, and guest Ben Durkee.

Second Place: Adam & The Girls

Caitlin Childers(SO), Kaylee Ireland(SO), Adam Robinson(SO), Ivy Robinson(SR), Reanna Smith(SR), Alexsis Sprowl(JR), Skyy Tenney(SR), and Madelyn Thistlewood(SO)

Big Volley Baller Brand:

Kendrik Alley(JR), Judson Carver(JR) Kaiden Crowley(SO), Josef Guptill(SR), Nick Guptill(SO), and Austin Grant(SR)

The Squids:

Sebastein Albee(SR), Ryan Alley(SO), Tyler Alley(SO), Alex Farnsworth(SO), Damian Reyes(SO), Rafael Sanabria(SO),and Ryan Willette(SO)

The Big Boys:

Marc Crowley(SO), Daniel Faulkingham(SO), Kenneth Frisbee(FR), Michael Gray(FR), Anson Kelley(FR), Blake Merchant(FR), and Dakota White(SO)

The Misfits:

Patrick Alley(SO), Kacey Crowley(SR), Chad Libby(SO), Evan Merchant(JR), Tyler Smith(FR), and Mitch White(JR)

By Luke Wilson, The Royal Print Staff