On Thursday, January 25th, both the JV and Varsity boys teams travelled to Eastport. The JV game was a very close one. Shead won with the final score being 41-38. With less than twenty seconds in the game, the score was 39-38 and Damian Reyes attempted a three pointer to take the lead but sadly it missed. Shead ran the ball up the floor and got a layup. With one more attempt,  Reyes put up another three to tie the game, but it was just off.

The varsity game was rough. The Shead team was being physical. The Royals held on to the 66-56 win over the Tigers. Six players fouled out during the game. Three of the players were Trott, Lank, and Lank from Shead. The other three were Isaiah Faulkingham, Brady Reynolds, and Adam Robinson from JBHS. Early in the game, Austin Grant was sent to the ground and ended up being diagnosed with a concussion. Alvin Beal, Jr. was plowed over and bruised his knee and his wrist. The Royals survived a tough game, and the two teams play again Monday, January 29th, at Jonesport-Beals High School.

By Stephen Cirone, The Royal Print Staff