On Monday, January 29th, the Royals played the Shead Tigers at home. Both the JV and varsity teams played. The JV team won by eleven. The final score was 38-27. For the varsity game, Jonesport-Beals won 63-39. Alvin Beal, Jr., Adam Robinson, and Ryan Alley each had 10 points for the Royals. Kaiden Crowley and Isaiah Faulkingham also contributed 8 points with Brady Reynolds adding another 6. Shead’s Daren Turner had a game-high 17 points and Ethan Lank threw in 10; however, it wasn’t enough for Shead to end up with a win. The Royals advance to a Win/Loss record of 12-2 on the season.

By Stephen Cirone, The Royal Print Staff