The annual school play will take stage on March 28-29 at 6pm. Doors open at 5:30. Concessions will be sold by the Freshman Class and their will be a raffle. The staff of the Royal Print would like to wish good luck to the actors and crew.

Play Synopsis:

North Woods Nonsense is about two sisters who have inherited a lodge that is struggling. The lodge is located on Moose Bottom Lake in Maine. The lodge is filled with wildlife and almost no guests. The sisters want to return to the city life, until handyman, Pete, writes a article for The National Divulger about Bigfoot kidnapping a local resident. The article provides an excuse for Congressman Oakley’s assistants, Birch and Pine, to suggest a trip to get him out of town. Birch and Pine have spent their careers trying to hide the congressman so he won’t speak out his ludacris ideas, and the remote Maine woods seems like the perfect place to keep him out of the spotlight. With reporters on the congressmen’s tail and on the Bigfoot story, the lodge becomes the most popular place in the Maine woods.


J-Lynn Beal: Holly Haulk

Ivy Robinson: Mary Granola

Carol Smith: Carrie Granola

Kacey Crowley: Congressman Oakley

Rachel Phillips: Guest 2

Lexi Kelley: Grace Granite

Alexis Merchant: Ms. Pine

Evan Merchant: Barry Busch

Casey Lamson: Reporter 1

Nick Guptill: Mr. Pike

Caitlin Childers: Mrs. Pike

Tyler Alley: Pete

Chad Libby Jr: Guest 3

Adam Robinson: The Man in Black 1

Bayleigh Alley: Miss Birch

Tyler Smith: Guest 1

Blake Merchant: The Man in Black 2


Luke Wilson

Jordyn Alley

Rana Turchi

Austin Grant

Josef Guptill

Tyler Childers

Alexsis Sprowl

Reed Willette

Judson Carver

Mitch White

Anson Kelley

By Tyler Childers, The Royal Print Staff