It’s March 29th, or Opening Day for Major League Baseball! If only the snow could melt sooner so the JBHS Baseball and Softball teams could begin practicing outside because it’s almost that time of year! The Boston Red Sox are playing today so why can’t we?

The Royals, in 2017, won 4 games, which was an improvement over 2016 but was still not enough to make the postseason, and 2017 seniors Douglas Hinkley and Keegan Ireland are no longer on the team.  However, there is reason for optimism in 2018. The Sophomores, who were freshmen last season, have another year of experience, and new transfer, Junior Duke Hext is looking like a great addition to the team. Not to mention that there are a couple teams who graduated noteworthy seniors who might not play as well as they did last season which could open the door to more Royals victories!

The Royalettes won 3 games in 2017 which was also an improvement over 2016. With new freshmen, and a new season rolling around there’s bound to be optimism even if 2017 seniors Jadah Alley and Georgia Backman are no longer playing.

The first games for both teams are on April 23rd at home against the Machias Bulldogs, which is the Monday following April vacation. Quite a while until our season gets going but practicing ground balls, and pop flies indoors until the field is good is part of the process, and we’re looking forward to it.

By Luke Wilson, The Royal Print Staff