Abigail Lunn and Noah Carver participate in the Rapid Prototype relay race.

On Wednesday the 26th of October, JBHS Skippers students went to Schoodic Point Education and Research Center for a kickoff program to help introduce this year’s project. This year’s project is about how technology can be used to help our fishing industries.

The keynote speaker, Tim Rider of New England Fishmongers, talked to the students about ground fishing and marketing. After the speech, the students did a fast-paced prototype relay race. In the relay race, students had to build four different things, a boat, a flotation device, a tool to help catch fish, and a tool belt to help carry the tools. After lunch, the students were split into four groups to go to four different seminars to learn more about this year’s project topic. The students who went on the trip are very excited to start on the project.

By Nathan White, The Royal Print Staff